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Upcoming Meetings: 2022-23 Fall Term

We meet on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at the Avery second floor conference room. Players of all levels are welcome.


*These are weekly tournaments that start promptly at the scheduled time and are generally 7 rounds of 3 mins per person with 2 second increment. No elimination. You can join after the start time, but will receive half point byes for missed rounds.

To participate, join the club's Lichess page at (please state your Caltech affiliation when you submit your request) and enter the event up to a day before the start time. Be sure to be logged into Lichess to get paired.

Thank you to all club members for your continued support and participation!

~ Caltech Chess Club Officers

Online Meetings: 2022-23 Fall & Winter Term

We are in the process to set up our weekend online meetings and tournaments. Please fill up the form to set up the times that are most convenient for you by November 12 at