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Article I - Purpose

The purpose of the Caltech Chess Club is to hold regular meetings to facilitate and promote chess playing in the Caltech community. Meetings shall involve games of chess, games of chess variants, lectures, and analysis sessions pertaining to chess or chess variants. The club also organizes its members' participation in local, national, or intercollegiate chess competitions and events.

Article II - Officers

Section 1: President

The President shall be responsible for the smooth day to day running of the club. This includes scheduling meetings, communicating information between club leadership and members, and directing the organization of club events. There should be at least one meeting per week during most weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Finally, the President is responsible for coordinating the participation of the club in events involving other universities and special events on campus, such as the annual Club Fair and Prefrosh Weekend Club Fair.

Section 2: Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for paperwork and record-keeping. This includes collecting a list of attendees for each meeting, with attendee being defined as any eligible person who participates in a club meeting for at least one activity. The Secretary is also responsible for aiding in directing the club's day-to-day operations.

Section 3: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring the club's completion of necessary financial documents, following through with Bursar and/or reimbursement procedures, and safely maintaining club equipment.

Article III - Elections

Section 1: Eligibility

Any active club member at the conclusion of the Winter term is eligible to run for a leadership position in the club. Intention to run must be declared and associated documents must be completed and submitted before 11:59pm on the third Friday of the Spring term.

Section 2: Election Procedures

Elections for all offices shall be held annually between the fourth and seventh weeks of the Spring term. An office vacated at any other time of year shall be filled by a special election held as soon as possible. All current members shall be eligible to vote. For each office, an initial vote shall be taken, with the top two candidates advance. If a candidate receives over 50 percent of the total votes in this initial vote, then there is no head-to-head election. If there is no immediate winner, an Instant Runoff vote shall be held between the top two candidates. The voting shall be conducted at a regular club meeting, and the vote shall be counted by the President and verified by the Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of the election. Results must be announced within 72 hours of the completion of the election.

Section 3: Assuming Office

Newly elected or re-elected club officers assume duty 48 hours upon the announce-
ment of election results, with all outgoing officers responsible for ensuring a smooth transition.

Article IV - Fiscal

Members shall not pay dues to attend regular meetings. Members who participate in any event that is not a regular meeting such as campus-wide tournaments or other
competitions sponsored by the club are subject to fees as determined by the event organizer(s).

Article V - Membership

Section 1: Members

The three elected club leaders are automatically members for the academic year in which they are serving, even if they either do not run for or fail to be re-elected. A currently-registered undergraduate or graduate student becomes a member by attending two out of three consecutive meetings. If there is an academic term (that is, Fall, Winter, or Spring Term) in which there are four or more regular meetings, but a member attends one or fewer of those meetings, then the member loses membership.

Section 2: Affiliates

Other persons in the Caltech community, such as staff, faculty, spouses and JPL staff, may participate in Club activities as affiliates. Persons not in the Caltech community may participate as affiliates at the discretion of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. At leadership's discretion, such persons may be subject to a participation fee. Affiliates may not assume a club leadership position but are eligible to vote in elections if they attend over 65 percent of the meetings in both the Fall and Winter terms.

Article VI - Ratification

This document shall be considered ratified if there is no standing objection amongst the three elected club officers for the 2018-19 academic year. If more than 50 percent of the active members at the conclusion of the Fall term object, then modifications must be made until they do not.

Article VII - Amendments

Proposed amendments to this document shall take effect upon assenting votes of more than half of the current membership. An amendment may be proposed to the Secretary by any active club member or affiliate and must be voted on at one of the next two regular club meetings.